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Depend on nationally known psychic medium Nancy Smith of  Angelscapes in North Andover, Massachusetts, for accurate and compassionate mediumship and Akashic Records readings and healing sessions.

As a psychic medium, Nancy Smith offers ways to help you connect with your loved ones and heal. For more than 12 years, Nancy has been offering mediumship readings, development classes, and healing sessions. Call Nancy today at (978) 835-0005 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Readings can be done by phone, Skype,  email or in person in North Andover.
Group Events are in your home, church or function hall. Contact me for more information or to book an event.

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Readings and Lectures:

Mediumship Readings

During these readings, Nancy opens herself to the spirit to receive all that he or she has to say, communicating this information to you. In order for Nancy to stay focused on the spirit, keep your answers clear and simple. Once the identity is understood as clearly as it can be, Nancy opens to the communicator for a message as to why this spirit has come forward to talk to you.

Spirit Portraits

During a mediumistic reading, Nancy often sees and senses the visual essence of the spirit communicator. This is powerful evidence for the continuation for life. Nancy creates spiritual portraits that have a close similarity to the spirit during their life.

Akashic Records Readings

Our etheric essence survives after death and our soul, or spiritual essence, contains a tremendous amount of information. Using Akashic Records, Nancy reads thoughts and dreams, hurts and joys, and our intention for our lives before we were born. Like a mediumship, your spirit guides speak to Nancy about you and you may ask questions. Tarot cards can also be used in these readings.

Angel and Tarot Check-in

This life reading is done with Angel and Tarot cards to divine what is happening in your life now and where your choices are leading you. We call in the angels for their advice and guidance. This reading is good guidance for careers, relationship and decisions you need to make now. This reading does not include mediumship.

Group Sessions and Spirit Tours

Group sessions  for those who want to sit together in the same mediumship reading, I can accomadate up to four people at a time in my office. Please contact me for rates and scheduling for this type of session.
Group sessions or home demonstrations are performed with all members of the party together in one room and lasts about 2 hours. Evidence is presented verbally as well as visually, as Nancy will also draw some of the readings at a large easel in front of the group. Minimum group is 4 and maximum is 10 participants. Favorite number for best results: 8 people!
Spirit Tours are in your home, church or function hall and are lectures and workshops on topics you have been wanting to know about but are afraid to ask! Topics include Mediumship; learn how to hear and speak to loved ones, Intuition developement,  An introduction to the Akashic Records,  Understanding Past Lives, and much more. Email me (nancy@ for a list of topics, or send me a topic you want to know more about. Minimum group size: 6  Maximum: 20.

Healing Sessions


A form of hands-on healing, Reiki has become highly recognized. Half hour and full hour sessions are available, channeling   energy from the highest source. This is an excellent source of physical, mental, and emotional relief and release. It is not meant to replace medical care. Reiki is meant to support your healing journey wherever you are in your life. Read more about Reiki.

Journeys and Healing Ceremonies

As Nancy grew into her skills as a Reiki practitioner, she found that she could journey into a person’s energy to discover levels of healing that were very helpful.