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spiritual mountains and cloudsMy passion is connecting with the Spirit of our loved ones and our spiritual team, to bring messages of love, compassion, resolution and courage to myself and others. Connection with Spirit often helps us to know ourselves, love ourselves, to live the fullest, happiest lives possible. I love to re-connect people to their loved one through messages, drawings, stories to help them realize that our spirits continue on after our human life is complete. Most of all I am excited to show people that they are loved and cherished by Spirit continuously and unconditionally.
Psychic Medium Nancy Smith in Boston MAI am a practicing Medium in the New England area. I am trained in the Spiritualist tradition, as well as a shamanic tradition. My work with spirit has led me to understand and embrace the healing capacity in my own life. I am truly blessed.
Through readings, lectures and classes, in partnership with Spirit, I teach people how to connect with the higher, loving essence of Spirit. Through facilitating a connection with their loved one in spirit, spiritual healing is inevitable, opening us up to see, feel and create a life of love and joy and peace.