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soul power living with Nancy Smith

Do you know if your NOW path is aligned with your Soul Path? As human beings we all go through life with big dreams and big struggles. We have the freedom of choice in how we live, and what to do with our lives, however, there comes a point in time when you wonder if you are on the right path.

“During my biggest challenges in life, I learned that we are created from love and we will return to that love once all is said and done.”  ~Divine Love Affair an Akashic Journey

When I remember and open what I call Divine Soul Powered Love, it’s a game changer for me. This is a miracle and it’s here for you, too. I will help you remember and return to the love NOW!

How do I help you access your Divine Soul Powered Love? I use my intuition and my own spiritual gifts for that needed boost to tune into your soul’s essence. Through spiritual mentorship and coaching I can help you awaken your heart and build a deeper relationship with your soul. Your potential for creative and inspired choices waits for you. For over 20 years I have helped people on their journey to find and listen to the voice of their soul. As a spiritual coach I help my clients understand their own soul-filled messages and meaning.

I started my journey to divine soul power as an empathic child. My inner experiences guided me to learn as much as I could about the Soul side of life. My intuitive awareness showed me that spirit is here, right now, and ready to go. Spiritual connection doesn’t have to be a “hard to reach” mystery. Connection to Soul, spirit, God Source is just a thought away!

The Akashic Journey to Your Soul is a program I developed to help you on your spiritual path. This program is laid out in my book “Divine Love Affair: an Akashic Journey.” The Akasha is the energy and love of the Creator. This book is a Nautilus award winner!

The Akashic program is designed to help you develop a strong relationship with the Creator and your Soul. You will learn techniques and protocols that will fill your spiritual toolbox. You will learn the different levels of conscious awareness. You will develop a strong connection to your spiritual helpers. You will learn about past lives and soul contracts. As you access your Akashic records you will learn your Soul’s dream for your life now.

As an ordained Minister in the Spiritualist tradition I have shown over and over again that life truly continues after the change called death and that we can communicate with our loved ones. My work as a medium and spirit artist has opened the door to many of my clients who have lost dear ones and need help creating meaning during their grief process. I combine the Akashic soul work with mediumship into a practice I call Akashic Mediumship, The language of Spirit and Soul.

I have been awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism for my spiritual work and community service from the Global International Alliance out of Atlanta, Georgia. Along with the Honorary Doctorate, I was also awarded the President’s Gold Volunteer Service A ward for my volunteer work in the Spiritualist community. What an honor to be recognized for the work I have been doing as I realize my dream to help people know that aren’t alone in their lives, that they are deeply loved by spirit and that the miracle is everyone’s life is connecting to that love now.

Ommie Award winner from the Om Times TV: In the category of Best Angel Card Readers, Nancy Smith was one of two deserving nominees. After careful consideration, the coveted title was awarded to Nancy Smith, who has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of angelic realms and an unparalleled ability to provide guidance through angel card readings.

Best American Psychics have awarded me “Best Psychic of the Year Award” in 2020, “Social Activism Award ” in 2021, and “Awesome Accolades Award in 2022”.

Best Psychic of the Year Award
Ommie Award
Ommie Award

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