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Akasha is fine etheric energy that contains all the records of creation. The word Akasha means Primary Substance, that out of which all things are formed. This energy is so sensitive that the slightest vibration is registered upon it. (1 Levi, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ)

Our etheric essence survives after death and our soul, or spiritual essence, contains a tremendous amount of information. Using Akashic Records, Nancy reads your spirit and Soul’s thoughts and dreams, hurts and joys, and begins to reveal your Soul’s intention for your life before you were born. Like a mediumship connection, your Soul and spirit guides speak to Nancy about you.

The Akashic Records contain the vibrational record of each individual souls and its journey. These records contain the past, present and future possibilities. In this reading you will open to the Akashic energy and the records of the universe to increase your creativity, heighten your awareness, and connect with your soul.

Come prepared with questions. Tarot cards may also be used in these readings.