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Akashic Soul Sessions

Akashic Soul Sessions Boston MA

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Best value: discounted Akashic Sessions in packages of 3, 4 or 5 session.  Save up to $250.00

Akasha is fine etheric energy that contains all the records of creation. The word Akasha means Primary Substance, that out of which all things are formed. This energy is so sensitive that the slightest vibration is registered upon it. (1 Levi, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ)

Opening your awareness to the Akashic energy and the records they contain, heightens your intuition, your creativity and your connection to your Soul and your Soul’s dream for you so you are able to start Living Your Dream Today!

In these packaged sessions Nancy will access your Akashic records and explore your spirit and soul through:

  • Journeys to past lives that are influencing you in this life. Heal your present life by healing your past life.
  • Reading Soul Level contracts in your book of records to understand what you have agreed to do in this life and decide if they are working for you.
  • Energy clearing and resetting your spiritual template for your highest potential.
  • Introductions to your Spiritual team who protect and help you live your highest and best in this life.


Sessions include:

  • 45- 70 minute phone or in person sessions
  • each session is recorded
  • recorded guided meditations to use at home
  • Homework with feedback
  • 1-2 emails a week for the time you are in coaching with me