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Nancy Smith, Psychic Medium

Nancy Smith is a gifted psychic medium who helps people connect to loved ones who have transitioned to “the other side” as well as spirit guides and other energies who have a message for them. Nancy sees her job as a psychic medium is not only to help people to connect with their loved ones, but also support them to follow their own spiritual journey.

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Nancy practices spiritual medium and energy worker in the New England area. As medium Nancy’s goal is to prove the continuity of life after the transition called death. She delivers the message of love from spirit through her artwork. As she connects with Spirit, Nancy is able to draw the likeness of the communicating spirit with pencil and pastel on paper. Nancy lectures, teaches and demonstrates mediumship at Spiritualist churches throughout New England.

Nancy is an author and illustrator.

Make a Magic Wish, published in 2014 is an inspirational children’s book about the magic of creativity and love. Found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

She is a participating author in the book “No Mistakes, How to Change Adversity into Abundance” published by Heirophant Publishing.

Nancy’s Spirit Art is  published in “Right of Passage, What the Dead say about Reincarnation” by Deborah Richmond Foulkes.

Nancy has also developed and teaches a program called The Akashic Journey to Soul Mastery, a series of classes about the higher energy of the Akasha that holds the mystery of your soul. Nancy teaches these classes in several centers in the Boston area, as well as at her studio.

Nancy lives in Massachusetts with her husband and dog, Rose.

Credentials: Nancy is a Reiki Master and Teacher from the Usui tradition and a Paco in Andean Quechua Healing Techniques. Other Certifications include Theta Healing as a registered practitioner, Soul Entrainment and Angel of Light Practitioner/Healer.

Nancy has studied under Reverend Rita Berkowitz, Brenda Lawrence, Glynn Edwards, John Holland, Tony Stockwell , Kimberly Marooney and has attended workshops at the Arthur Findley College in England. She has also attended The Rainbow Jaguar Institute in Peru. She carries a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and has worked in the educational publishing field for many years as a designer.

Tested, certified and listed by Shay Parker’s  Best American Psychics.

bpd-link  Listed as a reputable and legitimate Psychic Medium in Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory.

Referred by Jack Rourke , one of the most prominent working psychics in North America today and the author of the best-selling book The Rational Psychic™.

Spiritual Mediumship

As a medium, I strive to prove the continuity of life after death. This continuity is proven through evidence described as I receive it from your loved ones in spirit.

Spirit Portraits

A picture is worth a thousand words.  It is powerful evidence to show a likeness of the communicator in a spirit drawing. In the demonstration sessions, following direction from my guides, I draw the impressions I receive from spirit, capturing their likeness with pencil and pastel on paper.

These drawings can be a close similarity to the spirit during their life. They can also hold a clue about the personality of the person. When coupled with the verbal evidence the sitter will understand who is coming through.