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workshops, classes and intensives

Nancy offers several educational experiences to connect more deeply with Spirit and Soul. Read up on these classes, if you are interested in one of these classes and they are NOT being offered, contact Nancy. When enough people are interested she will start a class!

And, each class listed can also be created into a one-on-one mentorship.

Your Akashic Journey Intensive

This intensive is designed to help you develop a strong relationship with the Creator and your Soul. Using your Akashic records, which is the information the Creator holds about your Soul’s journey, you will deepen your understanding about your life.

Mediumship Development

This mediumship workshop will build up your foundation in mediumship. Focus on tools for mediumship to connect with Spirit of loved ones as well as your guides. Take this time to strengthen your connections to Spirit. All levels welcome.  Spirit Artists Welcome.

Spirit Art and Mediumship Intensive

PART ONE What do you need to know to make a face believable, even recognizable?

PART TWO In this class we will practice mediumship through conscious drawing and trance drawing.

Take this intensive and then jump into the mediumship development class to practice!! (separate program and price) This Intensive is designed for beginners and beyond…so much to learn you could take this class many times…

Spirit Art Intensive

This class is Intensive for artists that are looking to deepen the spirit connection in their art practice. You will be focusing on your artwork, and your individual connection to spirit. You will learn to blend with Spirit to create Art in your own personal style to create messages from your Soul and your Guides.

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