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online spirit art development intensive

Wednesday and Thursday Evening: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

PART ONE What do you need to know to make a face believable, even recognizable? You will have a quick overview of the construction of the face. You will practice drawing faces with correct relationships to eyes, nose mouth, ears and hairline. When we do spirit art, we need to give our minds a set of perimeters to work with, and then spirit steps in and takes over the rest!

PART TWO In this class we will practice mediumship through conscious drawing and trance drawing. You will draw faces, evidence of continuity of life (objects and things.) We will explore how color can be used in a reading.

SUPPLIES NEEDED We will work mainly with pencil and chalks. Bring your choice of soft pencils, conte crayon, charcoal pencil, pastels or pastel pencils or colored pencils and drawing paper. You can use 8.5 x 11 copy paper. I recommend getting a 9x12 sketch pad with medium weight paper.

Jump into developing visual spirit art messages. Take this class and then jump into the mediumship development class to practice!! (separate program and price) THIS CLASS is designed for beginners and beyond…so much to learn you could take this class many times…

Take both Spirit Art and Mediumship series: 

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