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SPIRIT art intensive (online)

Tools for Creating Art in Partnership with Spirit

8 classes: Days TBD 9:00 am  –12:00 pm EST (subject to change depending on students schedule)
4 months, 8 classes

I would like to offer you a complimentary 15 minute consult to go over the intensives I am offering, to see if they may be a fit for you.

This class is Intensive for artists that are looking to deepen the spirit connection in their art practice. I am a practicing medium and I use my art to prove the continuity of life. I blend with spirit, I don't see what I draw beforehand, the art is drawn "automatically." I also use my art to create messages from the Soul to my sitters. All my work is done in the Akashic Realm. You will learn how to travel to this realm.

See my spirit art here and here.

You will be focusing on your artwork, and your individual connection to spirit, not necessarily mediumship. You will learn to blend with Spirit to create Art in your own personal style. You will learn to create messages from your Soul and your Guides.

Spirit Art Intensive outline

Are you a practicing artist and want to take your art further into an intuitive and loving connection with Spirit? In this a 4-month study you will:

  • Have a group of artists to share your artwork with.
  • Become a medium for Spirit with your artwork.
  • Learn to blend with spirit and create a relationship with your inner creative Muse and your Art Master Guide in Spirit in Sacred Space
  • Explore Light and Color in the Akashic City
  • Learn to Read your Soul and create Soul Art for yourself and others.
  • Explore using images and color to read what is coming up.
  • Explore creating visual messages Spirit want to bring forward from the Sprit world
  • Learn to use Art as a healing modality
  • Use Art as a vehicle for message work

Apply to the program in person with Nancy by calling her at 978-835-0005, emailing or by filling out the form below. 

Spirit Art Intensive Application

Student abstract painting called "Remote Healing Koalas" Jill Johnson

"Remote Healing Koalas" Jill Johnson


"Protect and Nourish" Jill Johnson


"Joy" Anna Bemis

Student abstract painting titled Remote Healing Koalas" Jill Johnson

"Remote Healing Koalas" Jill Johnson


"Past Group" Linda Whiting

As Seen In