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6 Steps to Soul Power — Salem NH

September 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Healing Power of Flowers
68 Stiles Rd Salem NH Unit A
Stacey Smith
(603) 275-7688

A red heart shaped tree at sunset.

6 Steps to Soul Power

You need SOUL to make music in your life. Learn six simple steps to generate Soul Power in all you do. Soul Power is about living in health, happiness and Love following your Soul’s plan for your life. Learn to turn this power on in your daily life, your relationships, your jobs and your health. We will cover the first two steps in this FREE class.

The following classes are:

160.00 or 45.00 for each class.

6 steps to Soul Power: the rest of the steps: We will go deep into steps you can take that will open up your life to Soul Power 

September 25th 7-9 Monday Night: Learning to listen to your Heart and Soul. Open your intuition and upgrade your phsychic ability to recognize the language of your Soul!

October 2 7-9 Monday Night: Where in the world are you? Where are your feet pointing? Learn to discern the different demands in your life between a Soul direction or a fear direction. Learn to use grounding techniques to pull yourself out of “the Swamp” onto higher ground.

October 16 7-9 Monday Night: Your Inner Soul map is hidden in your Emotions, Learn to mine the secrets your emotions have for you.

October 23 7-9 Monday Night: Forgiveness is the key to living a free joy filled life. We will explore forgiveness through guided meditations.

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