Angelscapes Nancy Smith

Akashic Journey to Divine Love at the Summer Spiritualist Camp Etna in Maine

July 15, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Etna Spiritualist Association
77 Stage Rd. Etna
Maine 04434

Learn to love again, deeply and gracefully. The Akasha is the Energy and the love of the Creator. We are created from love and we will return to that love. The miracle in our life is returning to that love NOW! Your Soul Created a plan for you before you were born. Of all the plans and dreams your Soul most of all wants you to experience Divine Love in your life. Akashic Journey to Divine Love. This two day workshop will start with learning about the Akasha and it’s records. You will learn to access the Akashic records for yourself and others, to enhance your Soul Connection. Once you have learned to open and close your records in the Akasha you will learn to build sacred space within the Akasha. You will:

  • Connect to the high vibration of the Akasha to create a safe, sacred space that protects and sustains you.
  • Sit in this sacred space to build a strong inner connection to your Soul and the Divine.
  • Learn a meditation practice to raise your own vibration.
  • Learn a protocol to access personal inner healing in your sacred space.
  • Practice reading your own records and the records of your classmates.

A practitioner certificate of completion for the beginning study of the Akashic Records will be awarded to the participants of this workshop. You will be able to read from the Akashic Records for yourself and others after you take this workshop. This workshop includes a free book, Divine Love Affair, An Akashic Journey.

Call to register (207) 269-2094 or email:

Nancy is available for private readings during her week at Camp Etna. If you have questions before her scheduled week you can contract her by phone 978-835-0005 or email:  During her scheduled week (starting at 2pm Thursday, July 13 to Wednesday, July 19) Nancy can be reached by cell 978-835-0005 or by phoning the Medium’s Cottage at 207-269-2226.

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