Angelscapes Nancy Smith

Akashic Soul Mastery Practitioner Certification

April 29, 2017 @ 10:00 am
Schools of Wisdom at Women of Wisdom
118 Washington Street
North Easton
MA 02356

Apply to school here.

Seven Month Journey Starts April 29! DivineLoveAffairCVR
at Schools of Wisdom at Women of Wisdom
118 Washington Street North Easton, MA 02356
Call 508-230-3680 to register

This  seven month journey explores your Soul’s journey through time and it’s plan for this lifetime now. Open yourself up to the Akashic energy and the “records” the Universe has written!!! Increase your creativity, heighten your awareness, and connect to your Soul!

Akasha is a sanskrit word that means Primary Substance, and speaks about the Creators essence of Divine Love. We were created from that love and we will return to that love. The miracle in our life is returning to that love NOW!

  • Learn to access your Soul’s journey through time up to this present moment
  • Meet your spiritual guides and helpers in the Akashic field of Energy
  • Develop relationships with your Akashic Angels
  • Learn to navigate and heal the resistance and fear that keeps your from living a loving a fulfilled life
  • learn to read your soul’s records
  • Learn to read other’s records
Upon completion of this course you will receive a practitioner’s certificate. You will have many more resources in your spiritual tool box to lead a soul-filled life!
Additional dates: May 27, Jun 24, Jul 29, Aug 26, Sep 30, Oct 28

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