Angelscapes Nancy Smith

Online Mediumship Development

January 25, 2021 @ 2:12 am – 3:12 am

This mediumship circle will build-up your foundation in mediumship of mediumship and connecting to Spirit of loved ones as well as your guides. Take this time to strengthen your connections to Spirit. All levels welcome.  Spirit Artists Welcome


In this class you will have plenty of time to safely build a connection with Spirit you can use for a lifetime. You will learn and test the principles of the “Claires”, your superpowers senses for connecting to the spirit world. Take this time to strengthen your connections to Spirit. You will learn to sort out psychic information from spirit communication. You will learn to sit in the power of spirit to develop your spiritual gifts of mediumship and even channeling.


You will learn the Spiritualist’s Traditional Connecting, going direct or indirect to sitter. You will learn to build with The Power of spirit to blend with and channel loved ones. We will cover reading in a circle, one on one readings, group demonstrations and building client relationships. You will experiment with different kinds of message work.


I ENCOURAGE Artists who want to practice using Art to deliver a message to JOIN this class

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