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Soul Power Living: Tools for Creating the Life You Want and Love

March 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Nancy Smith

The secret to joy filled Living is hearing the language of your Soul. In this series you will learn to quiet your mind to hear the still peaceful presence of your Soul. Learn simple steps to enjoy your life, to create a safe sanctuary within your heart. Learn techniques to surrender your struggle, plug into the power of creativity and intuition for the best possible outcomes.

This class is perfect preparation for the Akashic Journey to Soul Mastery Certification, should you be interested in going further in your studies.

Learn to navigate the pathway to accessing your Soul Power:

Begin with Relaxing and feeling

Emotions (feeling and acknowledging) how we really feel (without the judgments and planning)

leads to

Feeling safe within yourself

Leads to

Creativity in thinking and living

leads to

a state of “being”

leads to

connection to the flow and wisdom of your higher mind (higher consciousness)


This class covers 7 strategies for connecting to you soul. Each strategy will have a worksheet with exercises with visualizations and or meditations.

In these 7 steps we will cover:

  • Self love and self care
  • Creating heart centered sacred space
  • Transforming emotions in sacred space
  • Recognizing where you are energetically and aligning yourself to your Soul’s path
  • The Soul’s journey to forgiveness
  • Soul Gifts
  • Building a Soul Group, relationships and Love

The 7 steps are:

Step One: Listen and LIKE

Enjoying the small things in life will bring you peace of mind.

Step Two: Have a Heart and Soul Conversation

Discover and use the power of your own inner voice to bring meaning to your daily life.

Step Three: Feel Your Feet: Where Are They Pointed?

Be aware of where you are and you will be in charge of the direction you go in your life.

Step Four: Finding Your Inner Soul Map Through Your Emotions

Find personal power in feeling your feelings.

Step Five: Forgive and Begin to Breathe Again

Free your heart through forgiveness.

Step Six: Reclaim Your Inner Gifts and Talents

Find inner meaning and direction in your life when you realize the magnificent being you really are!

Step Seven: Find Your Soul Group

Find love and connection in all the RIGHT places!


You will gain a set of tools to help you recognize what you are choosing in your life, how to recognize what are fear based choices and what a re soul enhancing choice. You will learn to get more satisfaction out of your daily life.

Each session or strategy will teach you how to develop your intuitive “claires” and how your “claires” or intuition can be used in daily life. You will be lead your through a healing and energy clearing for each chakra that relates to the strategy you are learning.

Online with Nancy! Classes held on Zoom, easily accessed through computer, tablet or smart phone! call for info: 978-835-0005. Once you are registerd you will recieve a weekly zoom link and worksheet to print out and follow.

Classes will be recorded and your will have access to them about 48 hours after class.

Meets Mondays 7-9;  120.00
3/26; 4/2; 4/9; 4/16; 4/23

“Nancy is a compassionate teacher, very easy to understand what she is teaching. I feel I have made some milestones in my life from working with her.” PF

“Nancy is a Rock Star with her work and ideas and readings” CJ

“Nancy has bee spot on with everything she has said to me, the real deal” JJ

“Nancy is an inspiration, I enjoy listening to her.” SW

“Nancy is an inspiration, I enjoy listening to her.” SW

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