Angelscapes Nancy Smith

Tickets $40 Hope Ethereal Enjoy a fascinating evening of communications from your loved ones in spirit. Join Mediums Lori Sheridan, Liam Galvin, and Nancy Smith (also a Spirit Artist) as they bring messages of love and healing from loved-ones on the other side. Lori Sheridan and Liam Galvin will be bringing in heartwarming and evidential messages from your loved ones in heaven. As Nancy will be demonstrating her rare abilities as a Spirit Artist to draw the portraits of departed loved-ones. This special event is an opportunity for people to witness evidential mediumship with the chance to receive specific messages from their own loved one. Many will be touched with messages and some will receive spirit portraits to take home after the event. TESTIMONIAL ” About a year ago I booked my appointment with Nancy. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do, wear, bring to make sure it was my mom, her reply was “your mom said she is sending your great- grandmother.” I showed up for my appointment, sat down and Nancy started talking. It was my mother who was speaking. Nancy started drawing and at first I didn’t recognize who it could be …Than a light went off and I asked Nancy could one person be talking but the drawing be someone else? She said yes, the spirit tells her what to draw. I started laughing. My mom did EXACTLY what she said she was going to do….it was my Great- grandmother, my great- grandmother was a beautiful wonderful lady who passed away in 2003 at the age of 90… Not only did I get an awesome reading but a very special gift… Love, Aimee” see Nancy’s Spirit art:

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