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Psychic Cafe Nancy Smith’s New Book Signing Is now being combined with her Intro to 6 Steps to Soul Power! This Intro to her 6 Steps is FREE. Her Class Series on 6 Steps to Soul Power, starts on 9/25. It’s highly recommended that you attend this free intro session prior to taking the formal class. 6 steps to Soul Power You need SOUL to make music in your life. Learn six simple steps to generate Soul Power in all you do. Soul Power is about living in health, happiness and Love following your Soul’s plan for your life. Learn to turn this power on in your daily life, your relationships, your jobs and your health. We will cover the first two steps in this FREE class. The following classes are: 160.00 or 45.00 for each class. 6 steps to Soul Power: the rest of the steps We will go deep into steps you can take that will open up your life to Soul Power. We’re asking you to chip in $6 if you are ordering pizza As space is limited for this special event, pre-registration is required. Registration link: If you are planning on coming to nawsh on pizza please arrive for between 6pm. Nancy’s evening is starting at 7pm This month’s topic: This month we are featuring the Amazing Psychic Medium Artist, Instructor, Akashic Records Trainer, and Author. Nancy will talk a bit about her current and upcoming work and be available for questions and discussion on her new book. The Author will also be available for book signing of her new book! She is also going to be giving you for FREE the Intro night to her new 6 Steps to Soul Power this evening. Nancy’s Book is available to pre-order for this event on the registration page if you know you are going to want a copy and have the author autograph it for you tonight. Nancy’s Book: Divine Love Affair is a guide for building a spiritual practice to live your Soul’s dream. Your soul created a plan for you before you were born, and this plan includes adventures, relationships, learning, exploring and growing. Most of all, your Soul wants you to experience Divine Love in your life. Access the Akashic Field of unconditional loe and your Akashic Records to enrich your life. Meditations, visualizations and exercises to help you uncover the mystery of YOU! Any questions contact us at 603-275-7688 or emailing us at

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