Learning the Tools For Inner Change

Join Nancy Smith and co-host Mary D’Alba for a deep dive into “doing your inner work.” What it is and how to do it. They will discuss being aware of your thoughts, building effective positivity, and how changing your inner self will change your outer world.

On the Angelscapes Show: https://youtu.be/Fv7VAk-vVK0

Join Nancy Smith and co-host Mary D’Alba for an intriguing interview with Mindful Mobility Coach Deb Arthur. We will discuss how to improve mobility and functional strength through a greater awareness of muscle and movement patterns, to find a greater ease and flow in body and self. It’s all about a mindful relationship with your body.

On the Angelscapes Show: https://youtu.be/r8IkHUpY7_4

Deb Arthur https://mindfulmobilitycoach.com/

Do you know what it means to do inner work that can change your life? Can you make changes within yourself that will change your mind and your emotions? Take a deep dive into “Doing Your Inner Work:” what it is and how to do it. Be aware of your thoughts, build effective positivity, and changing your inner self will change your outer world.

What is inner work? Inner work is the spiritual practice of diving deep into yourself for the purpose of self-exploration, self-understanding through healing and spiritual transformation. Inner work creates meaning in your life and empowers you and leads you to a sense of peace and self-fulfillment.

You inner hero

When do you know you need to do inner work? When you are at a crossroad and need to make decisions. You need to know yourself. It’s often hard to know who you are due to social programming. You may feel lost and struggling. This is time to look inward, learn to trust yourself. Learn to hear what your gut is telling you.

Other signs your need to do inner work is when you continually give your power away. When you lay responsibility for your life onto other people. You may be blaming others for you predicament. Constantly being a victim is a red flag you need to do your inner work.

The definition of insanity is trying to solve the same problem with the same solution. You may think “I need to try harder and it will work.” This is time to step back and get some perspective.

You may feel a sense of dissatisfaction and disconnect to everything in your life. You may be over-reacting to small things in your life. This is the time to reach deep inside and find another way.

When do you know you are actually doing inner work? When you are doing your inner work you are listening to a higher power. The higher power comes through in an inner voice that is calm and clear and leads to growth and learning. That inner voice is NOT your inner critic.

Inner work includes a practice of gratitude. Learning to find value in the precious and simple things in life.

Turning pain into power is about finding meaning in the losses. Coming to a mindset that you are not going to let the pain rule your life. As you shift your mindset you will begin to see the opportunities in front of you that you missed earlier. As you surrender to a higher power your will discover self-empowerment within you.

Building  a mindful relationship with your Body will also bring about inner change that will change your outer life. Deb Arthur presents the practice of Mindful Mobility. This is a practice of exploring body movements that help you get in tune to your Self. As you move thoughts and feelings emerge that were locked in your body.

Deb Arthur explains that when you start with your body in healthy movements, as you learn the correct way of moving memories will return with thoughts and emotions that are stored in your body. Always stat with the body and allow the feeling to arise. That will lead you to authentic feelings.

All our experiences in our life are integrated inot your body. Healing id about sensing your body and learning to trust your body again. The body holds secrets. A secret is only a secret as long as we are not consciously aware of it. The journey for unconscious thinking to conscious thinking is the path of trusting yourself again. The path is about feeling and sensing your body, NOT thinking it.

Pain is an opportunity to attend to what our body is telling you. The old adages of “No pain, no gain”  and “mind over matter” cause injury to the body. Thinking the mind is stronger than the body is a disservice to the body because if you are not listening to your body. The result of not listening to your body is limiting mobility by injury and ultimately you won’t feel good about yourself.

Listen to both podcasts for some interesting information about inner change and healing!

Deb Arthur offers free consultations to explain her program and how it can help you. Deb Arthur https://mindfulmobilitycoach.com/

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