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Schedule your Mediumship and Spirit Art, Soul Art Message, Akashic Records, Angel Tarot Check-in, and mentorship sessions on this page. (You have to be enrolled in the mentorship program to schedule the pre-paid intensive sessions.) 

Learn More About Readings

Readings can be done by Zoom or Conference Call. Use the service grid below to schedule your session. 

For now, in-person sessions at Nancy's Studio in the Merrimack Valley, MA are on hold. 

Fair events with time and pricing special offers are about every 6 weeks and can be found in the fair tab. Pre-booking in encouraged!

Twinkle Tuesday and Thrifty Thursday I offer five 20-minute sessions every week on Tuesday and Thursday for “Angel price of the week,” always at a discounted price. This is your time to get a quick “Soul Power” check-in. These are NOT mediumship readings. These sessions are meant to introduce you to my work, or for ongoing clients, to get a fast check-in after a previous session. First come first serve. Once the week’s schedule is filled, look into the following week! 

Soul Power Mentorships are available through my application process.

  • Discovery Session Set up a free Discovery to learn more about this program or to apply with me for a mentoring program (this is NOT a reading). Contact me or select the session link below.

Pre-Paid intensive sessions are for those in my mentoring program

If you have any questions you can call Nancy at 978-835-0005 or email

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