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it's time to plug into your soul's power

Angelscapes Radio Show is your direct connection to finding your Soul’s power and wisdom. Join Nancy Smith, Akashic Medium, and Mary D’Alba medium and astrologer in this interactive show to explore tools and steps you can take to create peace, calm, and confidence in your life.

During each show Nancy and Mary will discuss ideas, tips, and lessons to help you open to receive Divine love, Joy and Soul Power in Your life! You CAN build a simple spiritual practice that will change your life! You CAN develop your intuition to help you navigate through daily life. You CAN build a fulfilling partnership with your Soul. You CAN discover the powerful being you really are. It’s time to plug into your Soul’s power!

Nancy Smith is Author of award-winning Divine Love Affair an Akashic Journey, a book filled with simple tools to create a magnificent life. Nancy’s book is a compilation of the experience and wisdom she gathered
through her 18 years of work as a medium, energy healer, Akashic practitioner and teacher. Nancy developed and teaches a program called the Akashic Journey to Soul Mastery, a series of classes about the higher energy of the Akasha that holds the mystery of your soul. Nancy teaches these classes online, as well as at her studio.

Nancy is a minister spiritualist tradition of mediumship.

As an Akashic Medium Nancy Smith reads your Soul’s Akashic Records. The Akasha is the sensitive energy of the creator, divine unconditional love, from which all life is created. In a session with Nancy you will see how this divine love is connected directly to you. When Nancy connects to the Akasha she connects to your Soul and your spiritual team for life guidance and healing.

Nancy is a certified medium and a spirit artist, drawing the likeness of spirit in medium sessions. Nancy lectures, teaches and demonstrates mediumship at Spiritualist churches throughout New England.

She is a Reiki master- teacher in the Usui tradition. Nancy is a Paco and carries a Mesa in the Peruvian Andean Quechua tradition. She is also trained in Theta healing.

Read more about Nancy and see Nancy’s art at www.angelscapes.net

Mary D’Alba is a metaphysical practitioner and teacher. She brings years of corporate training and program development into the spiritual world.  Her mission in this work is to help empower others to find what is important in their lives, tap into their passions and help her clients live their best life ever.

The business seemed to have chosen Mary.  Laid off three times in three years it was time to venture into her own spiritual business as a full-time passion.  I felt like the Universe was throwing me into my work full time and since I was nervous to do that on my own, the Universe gave me a gentle but very firm push. It gives Mary joy to interact with her clients and guide them.  She says “There is nothing like seeing the light come back into someone’s eyes.”

First and foremost, Mary works to help people, to assist in relieving grief and hurt and change it into their greatest strengths and power.  There is nothing that can’t be accomplished when someone is healed.  Mary’s job is to bring people to their ultimate peace.  In doing that, her clients can see how much their lives can change.  Then the world changes.  And we all want the world to be a better place, right?  We’ve got a legacy to leave behind to others and we need to make it as positive as possible.  It starts with us and her role is to help people see how special, strong and unique they truly are.

Read more about Mary at https://marydalba.com/

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