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For over 20 years Nancy Smith has helped people on their journey to find and listen to the voice of their soul.  She helps her clients understand their own soul-filled messages and meaning. Through her company Angelscapes, Nancy offers different modalities to facilitate her client’s Soul work.

Soul Power Mentorships
Learn about the transformational work you can do to access your Soul’s power and creativity. Offered at three levels, DEEP DIVE Spiritual Facilitation around one problem or goal, 3 Month Soul Power Transformation and a 6 month Soul Power Transformation and Life Realignment.

Readings from Spirit
Learn about the Spirit readings Nancy offers. Click on the titles of each to learn more. 

Mediumship Readings
During these readings, Nancy opens herself to the spirit to receive all that he or she has to say, communicating this information to you.

Spirit Portraits
During a mediumistic reading, Nancy often sees and senses the visual essence of the spirit communicator. Nancy then creates spiritual portraits that have a close similarity to the spirit during their life.

Akashic Records Readings
As an Akashic Medium Nancy reads your Soul’s Akashic Records. Your Records are held in a Universal library within the loving presence of the creator, known as the Akasha. The records contain information about your soul’s journey through many lifetimes including this life.

Soul Art Messages
In this one of a kind session I talk to your soul and transform your life through art and inspirational messages!

Angel & Tarot Check-In
This 30-minute life reading is done with Angel and Tarot cards to divine what is happening in your life now and where your choices are leading you.

Spirit Art Gallery
This page is full of art samples from previous mediumship with spirit art readings

Soul Art Message Commissioned Art
This page explains what a soul art message is along with some samples and the opportunity to commission a work of art

This page has meditations for my book "Divine Love Affair, an Akashic Journey"

Ministerial Services
This page describes Nancy's offerings as a spiritualist minister

Classes, Workshops and Intensives
Learn about classes Nancy offers throughout the year

Books and Angelscapes Publishing
Spiritual and Inspirational Books

Articles and posts to support you on your journey

Radio Show
Learn about Angelscapes Radio show and podcast

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