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Thank you! Here are the meditations from the chapter “Creating Sacred Personal Healing” from the book  Divine Love Affair An Akashic Journey in audio format!

Akashic Heart Meditations

A foundation skill for your spiritual practice (and your daily life) is knowing how to create and navigate in and out of an inner place of peace and calm. The “place” is a sacred inner place built through meditation and inner visualization. This place can be a source of inner power, a generator that recharges you and give you a sense that life is ok, it’s going to be ok. This first meditation helps you create the inner sacred space.

This meditation introduces the sacred elements of creation into your sacred space. Air speaks about thought and beliefs. Water speaks about emotions and creative power. Fire speaks about will and inner spirit. Earth speaks about grounding, your life skills and the form or container needed to hold you and your creations. Finally, metal speaks about Soul and your soul’s connection to your spirit and all the hidden gifts the earth has to offer you in your life. Observe the elements and see how they are present, balanced and functioning (or not) in your life.

The following meditation, part 2 of the Sacred Space Heart Meditation, teaches how to bring issues and emotions into your heart and sacred space to transform them and bring out the gifts hidden within our struggles. By using your breath and visualization, you are able to draw these emotions and situations into your heart and in the heart of the creator. Through your breath you will expand and transform these energies into a higher essence.

These meditations are meant to be done regularly until you have memorized them and are able to draw from them at a moment’s notice. Enjoy! May your spiritual practice be blessed and filled with grace from the Akashic Field of unconditional love!

This BONUS meditation is a basic grounding, protection and opening to sacred love within your body, mind, sprit and Soul. I use this meditation to open all my sessions with my clients.This meditation is a basic connection I use in all my readings. THIS is my secret sauce for connecting to spirit for the best possible outcome. The visualizations connects you to Mother, Father, God Creator of all that is. It can be very healing and soothing. All you have to do is listen!!!

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