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Reverend Nancy Smith is a practicing spiritual medium and Akashic practitioner, living in the New England area. Nancy is a spirit artist and certified medium. As medium, she delivers the message of love from spirit through her artwork by drawing the likeness of the communicating spirit. Her Soul work in the Akashic Records delivers Messages from you Soul to help you on your path today.

As an Akashic and Spiritual Medium, Nancy Smith offers ways to help you connect with your loved ones and your Soul. For more than 20 years Nancy has been offering mediumship readings with Spirit Art portraits of loves one in spirit, Soul Art Messages and Akashic records sessions. Sessions are done by phone or Zoom video conferencing.

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Mediumship Readings

During these readings, Nancy opens herself to the spirit to receive all that he or she has to say, communicating this information to you. Nancy will connect with your loved one in spirit and receive messages of love and guidance.  In order for Nancy to stay focused on spirit, keep your answers clear and simple, Yes, No or I don’t know. Once the identity is understood as clearly as it can be, Nancy opens to the communicator for the message Spirit want to communicate to you.

My work as a medium and spirit artist has opened the door to many of my clients who have lost dear ones and need help creating meaning during their grief process. As an ordained Minister in the Spiritualist tradition, I have shown over and over again that life truly continues after the change called death and that we can communicate with our loved ones. I combine the Akashic soul work with mediumship into a practice I call Akashic Mediumship, The language of Spirit and Soul.

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Spirit Portraits

During a mediumistic reading, Nancy often sees and senses the visual essence of the spirit communicator. Nancy then creates spiritual portraits that have a close similarity to the spirit during their life. This is powerful evidence for the continuation of life after death. All one-hour mediumship sessions include Spirit Art.

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Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic work I do helps my clients make sense out of difficult situations, when the stakes are high and they feel like they can’t trust themselves any more. We all have transitional times in our lives. We all get burned out. When you have lost the joy in life and know you need to make a change I tune into your Soul and Spirit and look for the answers within you to clarify the next steps you can take in your life.

As an Akashic Medium Nancy reads your Soul’s Akashic Records. Your Records are held in a Universal library within the loving presence of the creator, known as the Akasha. The records contain information about your soul’s journey through many lifetimes including this life.

During sessions in your Akashic Records we will explore what your Soul wants you to know right now.  With the help of your Soul and spiritual team we could work on Soul level beliefs and contracts, past lives, blocked energy in your body, mind and emotions. We can look into your career, your relationships. We can journey to past lives for healing.

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Soul Art Messages

I have a sweet new reading now available for you. Soul Art Message! Have you ever dreamed of understanding your souls’ purpose or wondered what your Soul wants you to know?  You can now receive a reading and SEE what your Soul is expressing. In this one of a kind session I talk to your soul and transform your life through art and inspirational messages! Reading and sketch are done in an hour-long session.

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Angel and Tarot Check-in

This 30 minute life reading is done with Angel and Tarot cards to divine what is happening in your life now and where your choices are leading you. We will open your Akashic records and call in the angels for their advice and guidance. This reading is good guidance for careers, relationship and decisions you need to make now. This reading does not include mediumship.

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