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Soul Art Message Commissioned art

Have you ever wondered what your Soul wants you to know? Do you desire a connection that tells you your Soul is real? What if, you could see what your Soul was working on right now?

In everyone’s life comes a time when we need a reminder of why we are here and what we are meant to be. Soul Art will give you an image to reflect on the essence of your Soul.  Do you want a visual connection that helps you remember you are spirit and you have spiritual guidance around you?

Talk to Spirit Artist Nancy Smith to commission your Soul Art Message!

What is Soul Art?

Nancy blends with your soul and receives images, colors and textures that are messages from your Soul. In the images Nancy creates, you will see a flow in your life that represent you Soul.

  • The colors represent what your soul is working on. The colors reflect your soul’s vibration. The colors in these images are healing and meaningful. They will show you what you need to focus on in your life.

  • The images can be animal totems and symbols that express where you are in your life, emotionally and spiritually. Some images will show representations of your guides. The Symbols can also be a message from your soul. Your Soul is longing to move you to balance and support you in your life. Each section of the drawing will express a point in time of where your life is progressing from, where you are now and where your soul wants you to progress.

  • The textures represent how you are integrating with your soul. Do you have a smooth connection or a jagged and rough connection? How can you improve the connection?

During your session Nancy will open the Akashic Records to your Soul. She will sketch while she reads. You will receive your art a couple weeks later. Sessions are recorded.

Soul Art Messages

Nancy works in two sizes

        Small8.5 x 11 or 8 x 8 square for $450.00
        Large - 11 x 14 or  11 x 11 square for $600.00

Nancy also offers Soul Art Mentoring over a period of three months, with four one hour sessions. This mentoring includes Akashic healing work, sketches to help you on your way, and a final piece of art that commemorates your journey and gives you a vision of you on your Soul’s path.

        $1,200.00 including 11x14 or 11 x 11
        for mentoring, final art as well as sketches.

Art will be mounted on foam core and ready for framing.

Start your commission by submitting this form, you can also email me or call 978-835-0005

Soul Art Commission

4 blue jays in front of a yellow flower
White swan with dragonfly on blue water

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