Learn 7 Steps to Soul Power Living

Discover the peace that comes from allowing your Soul to lead you.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they find themselves taking a step back and assessing what makes them happy. Even if from the outside perspective everything is “as it should be” deep down you may still feel like there is a mismatch between how you should be feeling and true happiness.

Sometimes this happens when you are going through a big life transition like a divorce, a big career change, illness, or a loss of a loved one. Or sometimes you just wake up one day and wonder why you are not happy.

Whatever the case, this calling deep within yourself or the feeling of something not being “right” is your soul speaking to you. Most of us have NOT been taught how to listen to your soul and instead that voice has been drowned out by all the other voices telling you how you should act, how you should live, what you should want. The list of “shoulds” goes on and on.

The good news is, if you are willing you can learn how to listen to your soul again and use it’s wisdom to find true joy in your life.


Through spiritual mentorship and coaching packages, I help my clients learn how to listen to the voice of their soul, as well as other helpful energies and discern messages and meaning for themselves so they can make creatively inspired choices.

At the core of all of this work is the Akashic field of healing loving energy and your Akashic records. I have the gift and ability to access the Akashic realm, which is the essence of the Creator, Source of life, which is Divine unconditional love. Your Akashic Records contain the information of your Soul’s journey, and your Soul’s vision of you right now. I access your Soul and your records as we do this work together.

We will use the five languages of your Soul to help your life bloom again.

  • You will reconnect to your aware self.
  • You will learn how to create sacred space.
  • You will meet and connect to your spiritual team.
  • You will learn to fuel yourself with Divine grace.
  • You will become aware of your unconscious inner team that drives your ego.

You can read more about this in my award winning book, Divine Love Affair an Akashic Journey.

I teach a variety of tools and modalities and we will find what works best for you. You then practice listening and implementing those messages into your life and then watch what happens!

This way you will gain trust in yourself. You will learn how to listen to what your Soul, your spiritual team, and the divine are trying to communicate to you.

As a results, you will feel in command of your life. You will be able to turn any situation to your favor and notice the lessons meant for you when things get difficult.

These abilities allow you to co-create a life that brings you fulfillment and joy!

Here's How We Work Together

Depending on your unique circumstances and goals I offer a few different options for how long we will work together.

Packages only vary by length, and in each we will be using the Akashic Records. These intensive spiritual mentorships are goal-based (you set the intentions with my help) and can include clearing, Soul Contract Work, inner growth work and Soul Path work, healing and much more.

My Promise to You

You will be empowered with tools to develop and work with transforming pain to relief and grace.  Work is tailored specifically for you and your desired topic of focus. You will experience a more permanent energy shift in the issues you identified on a spiritual and Soul level.

We will work on small focused steps on your identified focus from me. You will also be taught skills to create your own steps going forward.

All Mentorships Include:

Kick off session

to set our intentions and goals for our time together - 30 minutes

Quick live (zoom) check-ins

between calls support your progress and integration

All session done online with Zoom

and you’ll have the opportunity to record

Bi-weekly mentorship sessions

where we will tap into spiritual tools to explore obstacles, energetic blocks, and opportunities in relation to your goals

Text support

between sessions for in-the-moment questions

These are NOT mediumship sessions, they are collaborative

DEEP DIVE Spiritual Facilitation around one problem or goal

Do you have an immediate need to look at something in your life? Maybe something came up in a reading. Or maybe you have to make a timely decision. This struggle is your Soul calling for your attention. These focused facilitated sessions will help you get to the core of your problem and look at what your Soul wants you to know. We will do energy and belief clearing along with Soul Contract work to remove obstacles and energetic blocks and discover untapped opportunities in relation to your intended goal. We will also connect with your Soul, your Angels, and Guides for guidance and healing.


three sessions over 6 weeks

3-Month Soul Power Transformation

Do you have a challenge or situation you want to transform? Maybe it’s a problem in your life that keeps coming back or you can’t seem to move beyond. Deep within these challenges are belief structures from this life and sometimes past lives. In this 3-month journey, you will begin to learn the language of your Soul and be guided to align your decisions and actions in relation to a specific problem or challenge within your Soul’s path.

We will use spiritual tools tailored to your needs including energy clearing, accessing your Akashic Records, and Soul Contract work. You will learn to recognize and connect with your ‘inner team’ as well as your higher 'spiritual team’.


6 sessions over 12 weeks (three months)

Soul Level Transformation and Life Realignment

Do you want to explore your life’s journey in a deeper way and realign with your Soul’s purpose? In this 6-month mentorship, you will learn the listen to your Soul and access a variety of spiritual tools to help support you on your Soul’s path. You will begin to identify patterns and belief systems that are taking you off track. You will learn to recognize the gifts your life and your Soul are showing you.

With these tools and awareness, real-life transformation is possible and will carry you forward to create the life you want and love.


12 sessions over 6 months

I would like to offer you some time to talk with me about these mentorships. Let’s explore which level the best fit for you! Schedule a complimentary 15 minute session here:

What People Are Saying

...after working with Nancy Smith

“I notice I am more confident and don’t second guess myself as much.
I trust my intuition more than I used to.”

“I now have better relationships with people because I can see their divinity instead of their faults.”

“I feel I have more charisma and find it easier to attract and connect with people in a positive way.”

“I make better, healthier choices.”

“As I learn to connect to my Soul for higher guidance, I am feeling that my life DOES have meaning and purpose. After working with Nancy, I can see it’s truly possible to hear my Soul!

“I see myself from a more positive perspective, I feel less skeptical about my life now because I can see my gifts and feel a purpose in my life.”

“I know I am not alone, I no longer feel so isolated in my life.”

“I am more present in the moment”

“I can give people my full attention and have more patience for others.”

“I am able to be helpful to others and feel successful doing so.”

“I have clarity and a stronger focus.”

“I created a positive loop of action instead of my usual feeling stuck.”

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