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Nancy Smith is the real deal. Nancy talks and teaches from a depth of connection, to whatever you call God, that leaves me constantly amazed.  She has a long history of honest study and prolonged development of her skills as a medium and an artist. With Nancy’s help I have moved from knowing there was more to experience to a place where my own art has improved in ways I never knew possible. I can't recommend Nancy more. She is a reliable friend and a guide like no other.

Linda Whiting

Nancy has a true passion and talent to connect with Spirit to bring messages of love, compassion, and courage. At a time when I found myself disconnected to my inner essence, Nancy helped me find my way back. Through connecting to Akashic energy in Nancy’s 6-month intensive program, I achieved my goal to return to my heart, find my voice and develop a greater sense of self.

—Karen Hylan

Nancy has helped me define and “own” my Soul Work. I have been on a spiritual path for many years. Nancy helped me integrate the work I was doing to create something in my life with it. I feel her work has helped me take steps to deepen my own spiritual offering in my business.

‑Kim Pence.

“I have had a lot of losses and founded 2 nonprofits for resilience after loss. Nancy helped me with grieving the loss of my husband, contacting my deceased son and was a huge comfort related to a new love relationship. She also helped several grievers related to my nonprofits and support group.  Her ability to connect to our loved ones, draw their portrait images and do Akashic records readings is phenomenal.  Very trustworthy, accurate and compassionate.”

Barbara J Hopkinson

From Best Psychic Directory:

This woman clearly can see the other side! I cannot believe how she is connecting and making it possible for some to have closure that so many deeply need! I am astonished by her work and how she continues to put her god given ability to the best of work. Warmest Regards Nicole

posted on March 5, 2020 by Nicole Hawkes

Nancy is a wonderful medium, I had a reading a few years ago and Nancy connected with my beautiful sister from the other side and gave me personal information that only I could know and that warmed my heart and gave me the courage to accept that my sister is by my side and that she is well and happy. I will never forget the very special reading. Nancy is also a gifted Spiritual artist, she draws the spirit that visits you willing she is reading for you. She is unbelievable!

posted on August 10, 2019 by maria quann

I hosted a house party where Nancy gave spirit messages. She was so accurate and spot on with detailed messages. She knew exactly what was happening in my house by speaking with my husband who had passed. She knew things only we knew. I also took an akashic records seminar with her which was very insightful and I learned a lot. I enjoyed listening to her on Metaphysical Minds speaking on soul contracts. I also traveled to see her be a guest speaker at a spiritualist church. She is very gifted.

posted on February 20, 2019 by Julie Mowbray

Fabulous! I had a reading 2 years ago near my birthday. Nancy was not told my age or birthday prior to reading. My father came in to wish me a happy birthday and said congrats “0n being 44.” She also picked up a very specific Nickname he used for me. I was very impressed with the level of detail she brought through from each loved one that “joined” us for me reading. Thanks Nancy!!

posted on October 9, 2017 by Nikki Lutz

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What People Are Saying after working with Nancy Smith:

“I feel Stronger in myself about the decision I have a made in my life and about making new decisions.”

“I feel more at peace after our mediumship session, as I grieve the loss of my loved one”

“Everything in my daily life is easier, I am not as worried as I used to be.”

“I notice I am more confident and don’t second guess myself as much.
I trust my intuition more than I used to.”

“I now have better relationships with people because I can see their divinity instead of their faults.”

“I feel I have more charisma and find it easier to attract and connect with people in a positive way.”  SD, client

“I make better, healthier choices.”

“As I learn to connect to my Soul for higher guidance, I am feeling that my life DOES have meaning and purpose. After working with Nancy, I can see it’s truly possible to hear my Soul!

“I see myself  from a more positive perspective, I feel less skeptical about my life now because I can see my gifts and feel a purpose in my life.”   B.H.

“I know I am not alone, I no longer feel so isolated in my life.”

“I am more present in the moment”

“I can give people my full attention and have more patience for others.”

“I am able to be helpful to others and feel successful doing so.”

“I have clarity and a stronger focus.”

“I created a positive loop of action instead of my usual feeling stuck”

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