Building a Relationship with Your Soul

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What is Soul?

Your soul is the eternal part of yourself. Your Soul is your direct connection to God the Source. Soul is your higher consciousness. Your soul created you and your spirit. Your soul created your personality and placed your gifts within you. Your Soul has a dream and desire for you, and is always with you, whether you are aware of it or not.

How do I Know My Soul?

This level of consciousness  can be difficult to discern. You can connect to this center through intuition and inspiration. Creative endeavors can open you up to your higher consciousness. You can also be driven to this higher awareness by frustration when you find yourself exclaiming “Wait, there’s got to be more!” It’s the search that brings you to your soul.

Faith and Hope can lead you to the center of your Soul’s consciousness. The Soul’s Higher consciousness vibrates to “I am that I am- the Akashic God Consciousness.” This vibration is about a state of being that is connected to all consciousness (the one mind.) Soul is the part of your life that goes beyond your life as you are living it now and connect you to all that is in the universe.

When you begin to access your soul’s conscious center, the language is different. You will need to be patient and receptive to learn to understand and recognize it. It’s a soft loving presence. Soul speaks to us through symbols and your extra-sensitive senses

How do I build a relationship with my soul?

Building a relationship with your Soul is about pausing, even if its in small moments, to be quiet and listen to that inner voice within.

Living a Soul led live is living a heart centered life. Soul is that flow that is love and inspiration. Stay focused on the flow within you, then you are focused and aligned with your Soul. You will sense a “click into place when you flow with your Soul.

What is a Soul Crisis?

A Soul crisis is when life gets turned upside down and is not working. Those are times when you must reset your life. Your Soul is asking you to move forward. Examples can be divorce, empty nest, loss of a career, grief, loss of a loved one, , the pandemic was a soul crisis for humanity.

You may feel a void within you. You may feel sense of something’s not right.

A Crisis in your life can be a soul appointment. These appointments are reminders to get back on your Soul’s path. A loss of a relationship, a loss of a loved one can cause change inside of us. You may feel grief and disappointment and you find you must dig deeper within yourself to find strength and grace. It is you Soul that meets you as you dig deeper to struggle on your way. Your Soul knows what to do, open to the strength of your soul when you don’t have the strength within yourself. Your Soul opens the doors and windows when all else is closing around you.

Emotions, unhappy feelings, reactions and unrequited desire, are all messages from yourself. They are telling you where you are and who you are in your life. They don’t tell you truth about your life nor  give you wisdom from your experience. What you feel is energy in motion that needs attending. Emotions are not WHO YOU ARE, they are messengers. As you meditate with your soul you will be able to hear what your emotions are really telling you. When filled with emotions, sit quietly and invite your higher power to help you with your feelings. Once you are quiet and as calm as you can be, invite your emotions to sit across from you at an imaginary table. Invite your emotions to talk things over with you. Ask your emotion who it really is and what it is trying to tell you. You and your Soul can sort it out from there.

Your Soul can guide you to choose the best path forward. Becoming less reactive and more aware of yourself is key to living a Soul-lead and fulfilled life.

Listen to a conversation about building a relationship with your Soul on the Angelscapes Podcast.

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