5 Languages of the Soul

When you find yourself in time of trouble, your Soul knows what to do.
When you are in transition in your life, It’s usually a redirect from your Soul.

Transitions are found in Loss, death, divorce, illness.  These life changes transitions can include: Relationships that are ending as in d; addiction that become unbearable; career transition and loss of employment. Lets not leave out  Life style changes such as: Empty nest syndrome; Retirement: changes in your health. And the more recent pandemic and economic devastation.

You need to find yourself again after these losses. Your identity, who you believed yourself to be is rapidly changing. Anchoring yourself in your Soul’s wisdom is key to making your way to well being and healing.

Where are you now in your life? Do you have an inner bully that won’t let you relax and create or an overbearing inner protector that won’t let you explore? Maybe your life had become shorn off, you have stopped growing, because you are wounded and afraid from things that have happened to you in your past. Other redirects on a soul level can arise from a chronic dissatisfaction in your life.

Why does this discontent happen? The Discontent is rooted in a disconnect between you and your higher power, your Soul. You are being ruled by your unconscious mind, the one filled with rules and regulations, fears, misplaced beliefs that you (unknowingly) built since you were a small child. Your external social world has been shaping and socializing you to fit in. Your inner Joy has been lost in all the “shoulds” in your life.

How can you switch from Unconscious Control based in your insecurities and becoming divinely inspired?

When you are not sure how to interpret what has happened to you, when you don’t know how to make sense of it, nor know what your next action steps should be, look to your Soul. Do you have to be an intuitive or Medium in your life to hear your Soul and get answers from Spirit? No you don’t. Meeting with a trusted mediums and spiritual adviser can help facilitate a deeper Soul understanding in your life. Then you will need to do your work.

Are you willing to learn to recognize and listen to your Soul?

When is it a good time for you to reach into your Soul’s wisdom? Maybe you have had spiritual readings and want to address what you learned in those spiritual guidance sessions, but don’t know how. When You are looking for validation in your new thoughts, look within, outer validation can only go so far. You want to learn to trust your own abilities for interpreting this information for yourself. Here are 5 ways your Soul connects with you.

How your Soul Talks to you

The first Soul language comes from your inner voice.

As you feel your feelings, realize they aren’t who you are, they are messengers trying to give you a heads up. When you listen to the message of your feelings and emotions, rather that react and live by them, you will build a new perspective. You will become aware of your sovereign self, your essence. When you Reconnect to your Aware Self, You will hear your inner voice, which is the voice of your Soul.

You will hear the second Soul language through quietly connecting

Prayer is the question to Soul and meditation is the space you create to receive the answer to your prayer. Create a Sacred Space that You, your Sprit, your Soul and Source can connect and thrive in. Make time to sit quietly with the intent to calmly allow this connection to happen.

The third language is awareness of a deep wisdom through taking action

When you Meet and connect with your Soul you will become aware of information from a higher source. You may also realize you have a spiritual team around you. By now you will have intuitive information. Take action on the intuitive knowing and learn through experience. The guidance that arises will be loving. They can be new thoughts and ideas that are in line with a higher power. When you follow up on these thoughts, in other words, listen to the guidance and act on it  (baby steps), you will experience what your soul is telling you. Learn by doing.

The fourth language is a response when you CHOOSE to stay in the presence of your Soul

Fuel yourself with Divine Grace of the creator, the source energy of love, inspiration and creation. Stay focused on the gentle guidance you are receiving, no matter what the circumstance. Each time you choose to listen, focus and act on your guidance, your capacity to receive more from your Soul grows.

The Fifth language is ideas and creativity from integrating life experience with your Soul.

Be Aware of your Unconscious inner team of protectors, children, creators and so much more. These are parts of yourself that have been running your show, they are layers of yourself that have developed through your life’s experience, even some left over past life experiences. You Soul’s plan is embedded here in your lower three chakras of your unconscious side, as well as your eighth chakra. Let your Soul know how you are feeling. Allow your beliefs and emotions (like fear) to be influenced and transformed by your Soul, your higher power. A tremendous amount of creativity will show up when your soul and you emotions integrate.

What your Soul is Not

Your Soul is creative energy. Your Soul is not an ego construct, your ego construct is meant to hold your soul, not lead it.  You can learn to value receiving this creative flow and interpreting it into your life. You can learn to discern between you ego and your soul and you can learn to partner with your Soul and your ego in a very different way that allows more creativity and productivity in your life.

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