A Talk about Spirit Art

Join Nancy Smith and Mary D’Alba For an in depth conversation about Nancy’s ability to Draw the faces of spirit during a mediumship session. Mediumship has many aspects…and spirit can come through many different ways, including showing themselves to a medium that is also an artist.

The Angelscapes Show: https://youtu.be/jcy8vEz0geg

What is Spirit Art and why go to a spirit artist for mediumship?

The images of spirit in heaven side can be a compelling illustration that your loved ones survive the change of death. The spirit art itself in not a Kodak moment, it’s how spirit perceives themselves. When I work I turn my pencil and pastels over to spirit to work through me.

This episode contains a number of anecdotes and examples of spirit art done by me, Nancy Smith. You will see the impact a drawing can have on folks.

Want to learn how to do Spirit art? This episode has some suggestions on where to start to learn and develop this beautiful, rich experience.

You will also get some tips to connect with your loved ones without a medium.

Keep your mind open and positive for the best experience possible!

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