Allowing Our Empathy to Strengthen Spiritual Connections

Welcome Jackie Edwards as my guest blogger!

Ever been accused of being too sensitive? Sensitivity doesn’t have to be a burden or something to pretend “you’re not that.” Understanding and accepting your sensitivity is key to accessing your powerful empathic gifts.

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Jackie writes that:

Having empathy for other people can extend beyond the living into the realm of the dead. Nearly 15-20% of people consider themselves to be highly sensitive, and another 2-3% of people claim to be empathetic. Thus, a large portion of our human population feels the pain and happiness of other people and living or deceased beings in a heightened way.

According to astrology, there are three types of empathy that are linked to astrological signs associated with water. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are the three signs that experience empathy most intensely and openly. Many people with these astrological signs are very nurturing, hopeful, and are good listeners, but sometimes may not know how to draw the line between one’s own emotions and another person’s.

If you consider yourself to be an empath, you may find yourself feeling strongly towards the emotions and life stories of people both living and deceased. But first and foremost, you must be in touch with your own emotions in order to take care of yourself and find inner balance.

The best ways to keep your empathy levels in check include:

  • Set personal boundaries
  • Know your limitations
  • Make sure you have your own empathetic network
  • Increase your emotional intelligence

For more details on keeping your emotions in balance with your spiritual harmony, check out this survival guide for empaths to strengthen your abilities to help and care for the emotional needs of other people.

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