Creating a Practice of Gratitude

How to Create a Happy Dance of Miracles


Let’s imagine gratitude as a practice not an emotion. Lets imagine gratitude isn’t about what we already have or don’t have. Instead, allow ourselves to SEE who we are and really see the world that surrounding us. Be in gratitude for the gift of YOU. Allow that gratitude to feed your heart with positive nourishment, to free your imagination from your negative thoughts to begin to consider and play with the resources in your world. These resources are gifts given to us in love from divine source.

When we experience loss, it is a personal challenge to step into gratitude. If we consider gratitude as a practice, then we step away for the disappointment of unfulfilled expectations. This frees us to see and imagine all that we dream for our lives. We then begin to SEE all that we have in our lives that can aide us in creating what we really want.

This is a very different point of view; it is an active, empowering point of view.

Here is the practice:

Affirm every day, in every situation, in every thought:

Thank you, I am grateful is a mantra that I have been endeavoring to practice through the ups and downs of my life. I started this last thanksgiving when my family experienced a big financial loss that most definitely changed our lives.

Thank you is about humbling and suspending the ideas and beliefs of our minds to accept something new.

Thank You is also about accepting the gift that is coming our way. THANK YOU suspends judgment and allows us to see what is just as it is in front of us. As we suspend judgment we allow all of the experiences in life to be completely unfolded, as opposed to cutting off the experience before “the Good stuff” arrives. Like “IT” or not, “IT” is all part of life.

I am Grateful talks about my energy in action. There are hundreds of reactions and responses and positions we can have and defend. Staying in the energy of gratitude is an action that allows the beneficial energy of abundance to continue to flow through my life. Often we react by moving back and holding ourselves in a tense “brace” of “what’s next?”. This stance shuts the flow of energy right down. Gratitude keeps us in a receptive mode so that we are sure to receive on all levels what we need.

“I am Grateful” is also about practicing a gentle kindhearted self-love that allows our self to SEE what is REAL. To let go of what has been assumed, to let go of belief systems that have been informing us about our lives and our world. To open to a new paradigm of reality + grace = better then you ever thought possible.

So now I invite you to create you own Grace, through a practice of thankfulness and Gratitude. Find a new paradigm within you and EXPERIENCE that you are now alone in your life, you are supported and nourished and love. It is my hope that you now that you have another way to open yourself up to that!


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