Hope Springs Eternal

As the ice melts and breaks apart from winter to spring we begin to feel the “Hope” of the season to come. Just as spring can be dangerous as snow melts and then creates sheet of ice on the road at night, or ice on lakes and ponds become unstable causing all kinds of problems, so we must thaw emotional and mentally to begin to find true hope in the difficult times in our lives.

Hope has a couple of different aspects or sides to it.

We can be hopeful that our expectations are going to be met, that whatever we have invested in will come out the way we planned.  We can have blind hope, as we pour ourselves into what we believe to be true, with the trust and understanding it will be as we want.

We often bargain with hope: “If I get what I want…

  • then I will be ok,
  • then I will trust,
  • then I will be happy.

In this scenario, so much rides on our own expectations being met, then when the outcome isn’t what we dreamed of, we are devastated, we no longer trust ourselves or the universe, and we are very unhappy.

When your Hope is anchored into Spirit, for our highest and best, in relationship to the universal flow of life force of love and creation,  you open yourself up to a bigger potential. You set yourself up for peace and resolution with all possible outcomes.

We know our Hope is anchored into Spirit when:

  • Inspiration and ideas occur when there were none before
  • The outcome isn’t as poignant or important, because journey to the outcome is so rich
  • What “comes to be” is beyond what we could ever imagine
  • We feel a flow of calm, love and the grace of being supported
  • Faith and Trust begin to expand within our hearts
  • We learn flexibility
  • People, places and things move out for our way or begin to transform

We know our Hope is NOT anchored into Spirit when:

  • We desire a specific outcome against all odds despite any cost
  • We repeatedly attempt to create that specific outcome over and over again without desired results
  • We are anxious and numb from all that is taking place
  • We feel we need to push harder and harder for better results
  • We feel alone and unsupported
  • We believe the outcome we hope for is the only one possible

Rebuild your connection to your dreams:

Just for today: Observe what you are wishing for.  Listen for the thoughts that start with “if only…” or “when I have such and such then I…” . pay attention to your day dreams,  your yearnings.

Follow your thoughts to create a clear picture of what you desire. Write down all of the desires you come across, just for today. For each desire, ask yourself, is this in my highest good?  Feel the answers in your body and in your heart. (If the wish is not in your highest good, your body will tell you.)  Underneath your clearly stated desire, write down the answer that you feel.

Rebuild your connection to your spirit and the divine:  Now that you are on board with what you want, really, really want, create a prayer of intention for yourself. Invite your highest version of yourself, your soul, your guardian angel and infinite love and light (God) to help you understand, visualize and manifest joy and completion for this desire for your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

Be open to signs, signals and guidance that will help you to your joy. Be flexible, stay calm, be alert. Stay still until you feel it.  Allow your guidance to influence actions you choose to take. Be willing to explore.

Peace, Nancy

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