Slow it Down, Clear it Out

GREED is the begetter of many miseries in this world. It takes personal integrity and perseverance to remind our self and each other that there is enough for everyone.

When we are told things like:  “There isn’t enough money… we have to charge more for this service… I am taking that away from you….” or when we experience loosing jobs or clients or friends, then it is in our best interest to step back and see all the good stuff around us that still serves us and supports us. Following this thought… finally, after two years of loosing my job and career, I am ready to say say I am grateful for the opportunity to grow, and thankful for all that has come my way as I build a new life for myself.

When you let go of what you have assumed to be true in your life, and let go of what you think you believe, THEN you are quieting down and letting go of an internal voice that has been mis-informing you about your life and your world.
What a joy it is to start fresh with new eyes, to open your heart, your mind and your world to a new paradigm, a new way of living. This “letting go” is what will bring you closer to you, your real self.


” I will take the time to clear my mind of unnecessary, hurried thoughts. There seems to be a limited amount of space in my mind until I do. BUT when I clear away the clutter, The space becomes limitless and the guidance I am truly willing to accept comes through.” ~Courage to Change
“Today, take the time (maybe just a quick minute or two) to be quiet and clear your mind. What did you discover?” -I asked this question to a group of students.   I loved this answer: (What would your answer be?)

 I am thankful for the many opportunities I have had to learn the many facets of love. The biggest message of all is that the only person I can change with my love is ME. As I accept myself just the way I am, it grows easier to APPRECIATE others and love them for who they are. That’s true love. ~Annie M

Helping others is a fast way to creating calm and and a sense of connection and gratitude. There are several practices we can do to help send Healing to others, and to ourselves while we are struggling with difficult situations. The practice I am describing here is based on a Buddhist practice I learned a while back.

Imagine the person that is suffering. (Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth) 
Imagine him/her or them in the middle of your heart. (Breath)
Imagine that you heart us in the middle of a loving energy vortex. It can be a beautiful landscape or simply a color. (breath)
Imagine you are surrounded by Angels, Guides, teachers form the Highest source (breath)
Imagine both of you (you and the person or people you called into your heart) are being surrounded and filled with Golden love. Affirm that you are all held protected and healed in this love. (breath)
You will know it is working when you begin to feel a sense of calm and peace.

Don’t think too hard. Keep your mind still and breath steadily, calmly.

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