Spirit Visions, an Interview with Artist Linda Whiting

Angelscapes Show Notes, July, 14, 2020 show #36
Guest: Linda Whiting
Listen to the show here (https://www.spreaker.com/episode/39781562)

Join Nancy and Linda for a conversation about painting and creating art from visions and communications form spirit. Linda Whiting is a world-Renowned artist who painted from her Spirit Visions.

Today we are talking with Linda Whiting, a nationally know artist and visionary painter. Her work has been Shown in Galleries in San Diego, CA; Los Angeles ,Ca; San Francisco CA,; Portland Or.; Seattle WA. She Lead and Directed the Art and Spirituality Group , Montague ma. From 2006 -2010, She is a graduate fo Mass College of Art and University of Washington in Seattle.

Linda Whiting and Her Spirit Art Work Process

I invited Linda to speak on this show to discuss her amazing paintings and her process. Linda’s paintings come from a place deep within her that she accesses through meditation and a connection to a higher power. While meditating she blends with Source and begins to see visions. The images that Source gives her she to pass on through her paintings. Linda’s process and inspiration is beautiful and profound. I want her to share that with you. I would like you to have a sense of what it is to have visions and then work with them and bring the visions and messages out into the world.

This process began after a near death experience. In this event she was told to return because she was not finished yet. A little over a week after this NDE she began to get visions in her meditations. Although she had been a meditating for many years, She did not see visions until after this life changing event.

Linda has been painting for over 50 years. Not all painting were spiritual, but they all captured the beauty of light and color in nature. Linda left her style of painting behind after her near death experience. She felt she was a “pretty painter” but then came to realize what she was painting was the surface of what she was experiencing, not the depth of what she was experiencing.

At First Linda was angry as she came out of her near death experience. She said it was nice over there, and I didn’t want to leave. I would have like to have stayed. The sent me away with a messages that I was not done yet. I felt confused. I wondered what was it I had to do? Later, in her meditations she began to have visions and she wondered if she had hurt her brain in her NDE. The colrod that she saw were powerful and dramatic. She was deleighted with the visions and even more delighted to paint them.

Linda’s visionary paintings have touched many lives. Her work has expressed many meanings and messages that open doors to many people’s awareness of the depth and breadth and personal connection to spirit communication can bring to us as individuals. Linda’s work has opened a lot of spiritual doors for people. Her work ranges from esoteric expression to “down to earth” intimate spiritual connections.

Linda’s first vision and spiritual connection was an angel hovering over the land at a salt marsh. The Angel gave Linda a strong message that the earth was deeply loved within the dimension of the universe. There is much energy and dynamic spirits that are working to wake us up to the reality that we need to take care of our planet. They are here to help. They want to help.

This painting, as Linda’s first visionary painting, remains Linda’s iconic piece that people relate to. This painting was the door that opened me up. I never knew much about angels. Now I feel a joy to know they are here.

Now, before Linda begins meditating she usually sets an intention. That may be personal, emotional and even cultural. She has spent her life seeking to understand her own humanity and its joys and struggles. She brings that driving curiosity to her mediation. Most of her visions come as illusive answers to her many questions.

Linda, what happens after you have a vision in your meditation?
“Following a vision I journal extensively about what I saw. I record everything I can remember and then create an abstract painting using the colors I saw. In time the abstract reveals a deeper image that I try to raise up out of the abstract. It would be similar to seeing images in the clouds in the sky. Hopefully by fusing with the Creative Source and my paint box a universal truth in the form of a painting emerges.”

Linda, what are the mediums you use to create your paintings?
“I use acrylic paints on printable canvas. Using that canvas I paint on it, scan it into my computer, change elements of it on my computer, print it and then paint again on the new canvas print. This process can happen many times before the work is complete.”

What is the biggest next step?
“The moment the painting is done it brings me to tears as I see my own visual connection to spirit. Every minute of the effort was worth it. It’s and experience of giving birth after having fused with Source to create this object. After that is the earthly challenge to get the painting with its message to the people who need it. I a mceating these painintg everyday but due to COVID, they aren’t going out to where they need to go. It’s all about getting the message out.”

Linda, where can people find your work?
My work is for sale and I have both original works and prints. You can see my paintings on my website Lindawhiting.com and you can contact me at lndwhiting@gmail .com.
Listen to the podcast to hear how Linda guides ad person to pick one of her paintings and what their experience is. (https://www.spreaker.com/episode/39781562)

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