The Grace of Gratitude

As a medium I often hear messages that speak about love and a deep appreciation for those left behind on earth from those in the spirit world. I always hear words of encouragement and admiration for the efforts we are all making. If only we could see ourselves in that light, from that point of view.

That point of view is from GRACE, a place of love that suspends all negative criticism and conflict and allows us all to see and feel the potential of our lives, our own beautiful selves.

The first time I really GOT and understood the power of positive thinking and being in a mindset of gratitude was when my husband nearly died in a high impact collision that threw him down a 15 foot fall.

Gratitude for his survival is what brought us through a long period of recovery. By staying positive, by practicing gratitude for his life every time I felt shaky, the impossible became possible. As we muddled through, we acted with hope and the trust that we would be ok. With that attitude, the future began to be ours again. It is clear to me this was a time to remember and practice thankfulness for the lives we were living, to let go of expectations and allow this new life to unfold before us.

During that time, I discovered for myself, that Gratitude is a practice, not an emotion or reaction to a job well done. My own Thankfulness called for flexibility and willingness to see a bigger picture.

There are times when it is difficult to FEEL grateful, other times we can feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

I am always amazed that when I take time to be in gratitude, ease and grace show up in my life. I realize now that as I am grateful a connection to a larger picture begins to form in my mind, and a healthy beautiful flow of goodness is made between a higher source and me.

The Law of Attraction treats our imaginations as reality. The Universe, which is responding to the thoughts you are thinking, does not distinguish between a thought from your observation of some observed reality and a thought brought about by your imagination. In Either case, the thoughts equal your point of attraction—and if you focus upon it long enough, it will become your reality”

This law does NOT refer to our emotions, it refers to how we think about, react to and create from how we feel.

Emotion is what I like to call energy in motion. Energy is neutral. Energy takes many forms and flows in many different ways.  When an energy (emotion) flows into our lives that brings pain we want to stop that pain by stopping the flow of energy. This flow of energy contains more than the pain, it contains everything else that can heal the hurt, teach us and expand our awareness and many other divine gifts. The pain is only part of it, not the whole of it. When we block this flow we block all the gifts along with it. When we stop the negative experience, we also stop the positive experience.

When we wall off our wounds, we wall ourselves off to our healing, creative core. We literally wall off the deeper wisdom part of ourselves from connecting to our conscious awareness and our exterior life and all that we attempt to manifest. We wall ourselves off from Spirit and the guidance and care we could be receiving form spirit.

These walls are built from our minds, from our thoughts and our assumptions. We task our imaginations to follow the directions from our minds instead of our inner healer and creative self. It is those thoughts and those decisions that the universe hears and responds to. That is how we keep the universe and all the good things in life from reaching us and sustaining us. That is how we keep ourselves stuck.

By taking the time to allow ourselves to be in gratitude, we are telling our mind and scared self that it’s ok; we do have all that we need. We CAN let go of the wall of fear that surrounds our pain. We CAN trust the gifts and resources around us.

Little by little the positive thought of gratitude will begin to soften that heavy mental wall, and then the gifts buried within us will begin to emerge in our lives.

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