What Abundance?

Being grateful is about seeing the abundance in our lives, it isn’t about passively accepting what comes along. Forcing ourselves into a frame of reference that doesn’t fit certainly doesn’t serve us at all. When we choose to look at what is around us and inside us, without judgement, for it’s own sake, that’s when we discover the essence of life, that’s when we can truly create. That’s when life gets exciting. What is in your life, take another look with clear eyes. What do you see?

Patience is about letting go of the expected outcome in order to arrive in the present moment. The present monument is where it’s at baby.  Affirm:  I am grateful for this opportunity to practice patience. I let the rest go and enjoy the journey.

Being positive, thankful, grateful can be a challenge when we are in long term hi-stress personal ya ya. My dream is about creating a constant, consistent, REAL, authentic practice or call it an inner dialogue that brings me back to seeing the gift of life. As I share how I do this in the next couple posts, I really want to hear how other folks keep themselves back on track during the ya ya days…

While Gratitude may be one of the most powerful tools your Mind has ever been given, it may also be the most underutilized. This is no doubt because most people are not aware of the immense power of Gratitude to reverse a thought that is at the foundation of all suffering.

~Neale Donald Walsch

What thoughts  are holding up your foundation of suffering?

For me, today I have to say it is my negative self talk that I am not bright enough, smart enough, talented enough to accomplish anything outstanding. Really. I can’t believe I just wrote this. I am SO grateful for the gifts I have: my mind, my creativity, inspiration and spirit and my COURAGE to go forward in my dreams, no matter what.

So you see, this is a practice even I am challenging myself with. Please join me, and DO let me know how  and what you are doing with this gratitude Practice.

KeeP it ReAl!


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