Is It Safe To Be Hopeful?

Hope, when I am in dire, scary situations often looks to me like a temptation to believe in something that is not possible.

In my own anxiety and fear I hold back from hope and the grace it offers and put my shoulder to the grindstone of “reality of the situation.” This is often an arduous and draining process. I usually wind up exhausted. The result is that I feel unsupported and unloved. All because I am afraid to hope for a happy outcome only to wind up disappointed, despairing and hopeless. See the cycle?

It is when I realize that hope in a scary situation is about aligning myself with the Divine and make the choice to ride the ride with my guardian angel and my highest power for the best possible outcome.

Yes, fear does peek in through my meditations, my prayers and affirmations and all my deep breathing and mindfulness practices. I have learned to have a good cry, and then refer my fear to my higher power.

It helps me when I acknowledge my fears, my visions of the worst outcomes possible and express my anger at whatever the situation has brought me. Once I am honest with myself, I am free to choose what I want to do about it. I can open up to the highest and best outcome, I can open to my highest guidance and support, and I can choose love in all its expressions, to support me and sustain me.

Then I am free from the illusions and traps of fear. I have the best of me to offer to myself and to those around me, who are in relationship with me in whatever is taking place.

I am no longer afraid to hope. I choose to embrace the practice of hope and love and trust to guide me to the highest and best outcomes, even better than I could imagine.

By bringing hope into my dark situations, my anxieties settle down into calm. My creative projects, my happiest moments are electrified. Hope can lead to a much healthier flow of love, trust and joy in all aspects of my life.

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