The Magic of Self Love

How we love ourselves, the quality and amount we attend to self care and nurturing for just “ME” directly impacts our capacity to receive the divine love from the universe.

Consider your chakras: Here’s a little tidbit of information.
Your third chakra from the bottom is called solar plexus.
It is yellow in color. Think sunshine.
This chakra is in the area of our body that hold lots of nerve receptors. You feel life and intuition through this area in your body. It’s the area over your stomach just above your navel. This chakra is about our identity and sense of self. This is where “butterflies in your stomach” live.
Your solar plexus speaks loud and clear when you happy or not happy.
This chakra has a strong connection to your crown chakra.
Your crown chakra is at the top of your head. This is your seventh chakra. It’s color is deep purple. This chakra is about your divinity and your connection to the higher powers in spirit. This chakra points to “heaven.”
When the solar plexus is out of whack, unhappy or closed, this impacts the capacity for the crown chakra to be open. When the crown chakra is closed or out of whack ist impacts your sense of connection to a higher power. You loose your sense of the divine. You can feel isolated. Your internal sun dims. Your sense of well being and self worth diminish.
Purposeful actions of self love in the form of self talk, compassionate self care, and meditation can remedy these issues.
Listen to the first heart meditation in the link and observe your solar plexus. How do you feel before and after the meditation. Observe how you feel throughout the day in this area. That is a direct indication of how you are caring for and loving yourself!

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