The Vibration of Love, Notes from a Medium

I love You

I hold you close in my heart,
I am with you every day

I will be by your side the second you call me

I am so proud of you

You have worked hard and made so much progress, I can see that.

I see the burdens you are carrying. Let me help you.

I have your back, I am watching out for you.

I love you in so many ways and want to show you how wonderful you are.

You are so beautiful, you are amazing.

You are talented in many, many ways, I want you to see that. Believe in yourself. I believe in you, I am your biggest fan.

Try a little harder, I will be there to help you.

Don’t give up, keep going, You are doing GREAT!

 I know you are down and I am holding you through this whole thing. You are not alone. I am here and I love you.

 I watch over you, I protect you and warn you when you need it. I am holding your hand, I am holding you up, it’s ok to lean on me. You can stretch, you won’t break, I am with you, keeping you strong.  I will always be here for you. My energy is filling you and supporting you

Don’t give up, Don’t give in, I am here. Let me carry your worries and sadness.

I appreciate everything you did for me, your presence made all the difference. I knew your were there and I will never forget. Your love for me has helped me when I was here.

 Your love is precious to me.

These are some of the most repeated messages from spirit that I hear and deliver as a medium on a regular basis. They can sound like “fillers” but let me tell you they are sincerely communicated to me to deliver as a medium. They WANT me to tell you, their loved ones and to convince you how much they love you.

They really mean it.

One of my favorite readings was with a woman and her brother. Her brother was deeply missed, he was the glue of that family and his glue was love. His message form the other side went something like this:

“I had no idea how much love was here in the spirit world. It was a light dawning on my marble head. I hadn’t even touched on a small part of the love available to us during my life. Now I know this love is endless; and I want you to know HOW MUCH I love you and everyone.”

Why is this message of love so important? Why does spirit keep telling us they are supporting us with their love? They aren’t here…how can they do that?

There is a natural law that says everything vibrates. Everything, no matter what the form, vibrates. All particles that make up anything are in a state of constant movement. Our thoughts are vibrations. Our emotions are also vibrations. You could call them “energy in motion”.  Spirit is in a energetic form that vibrates.  As a matter of fact, Everything has its own frequency of vibration, some frequencies higher than others. Vibration and frequency exist as part of everything.

Masaru Emoto discover a process that showed him the nature of the energy in water. He put a sample of water in a dish, froze all samples in the same way at the same temperature and then observed them under the same microscopes, taking pictures of the frozen crystals with high powered and high speed cameras.

He found that different water form different places had different crystal structure. Tap water, after being cleaned with Chlorine had no crystallization. Water exposed to prayer, beautiful music, or from a natural had beautiful and strongly formed crystals. Water from a murder scene showed a formation that looked like the victim’s body. Samples were taken before and earthquake and after then weeks after the earthquake. The first had no crystals, foretelling the future, and that the two other showed a progression of healing within the crystal.

Taking in the Love from Spirit is allowing the water within us to vibrate to this higher love and allowing  it to strengthen us. It is real, and it is fragile. We can choose to negate this love through our thought and attitudes and beliefs. Acceptance and gratitude lead us to be receptive to this love, this higher vibration that heals us and informs our bodies on how to live in a higher vibration.

Here is a meditation practice you can do to allow this love into yourself:

Start with your lower belly, which holds your inner child. Put your hands on your belly and softly press in. Say to yourself  “I am the happiest Child alive!” Imagine opening your energetic belly to a source of love that is thrilled and delighted we are alive.

Moving to your tummy, just below your rib cage, called the solar plexus. Your “nerve center” See the sun that shines within us, and the sun that shines on us. Bring that Sun right into your energetic center. Tell yourself  “You are the Sunshine of my life”, and imagine the gentlest, brightest sun pouring into that energetic area.

 Bring your hands to your heart, connect out heart to the heart of the universe and the heart of the earth. As this “space” grows in capacity (love and compassion) we are able to transform all things in our life to a healed and higher vibration. This is our real brain, our wisdom center. We can have the voice of and angels, but if we have no heart, the music in empty. Say to yourself “ I feel alive, I feel a love that’s really real”

 Next, gently move your hands to your throat center. With our throat centers, we can sing out who we are, we can reach out with our expression of ourselves to heal or destroy. When we are in alignment to the natural flow and compassion around us, we are golden. Tell yourself  “I speak with grace, with love and with truth as best I can in this moment”

Now touch the top of your head. In our heads, our mind, we can open to the higher messages from the universe, or we can logically talk ourselves in our out of a million things. Letting love inform us, as is arises from our inner selves, we will be on target for love.

Say to yourself  “I am in love!”

When we are in target for love, then we will feel the strength and support that Spirit is pouring on us every moment of our lives. And that make life worth living every moment.

Blessing and love for the other side, to you!

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