Wing Tips for Graced Filled Living: February Tips

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February tips:


Wing Tip #5

Illness and disease are often a call from our Soul to redirect our lives. When we direct our minds, emotional and spirit to self love and accept a divine, loving, healing presence in our lives, miracles can happen. They aren’t really miracles outside of nature. We are meant to live our lives in love. It’s that natural way of living that brings us back to health and a sense of well-being. The miracle is our return to love.

Wing Tip #6

Compassion, defined by my guides, is about co-creating with passion. Sympathy separates us from connection to others in pain. Compassion directs us to take action. Compassionate action can be prayer, visualization, getting involved, or choosing a different path.

Ask your guides lead you to compassionate action for the highest good of all.

Wing Tip #7

Who’s on your team?

Try and fail and try again. This time: bring in the team. Your Angels, Guides, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. YOU are NOT ALONE.

It’s up to you.

They are waiting for your call.

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