Wing Tips Weekly Inspirations: January

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January tips:

Wing Tip #1

Grieving from the loss of a loved one takes time and patience. You can expect to go through many stages and layers of feelings and reactions. TAKE the time to feel and grow into your new life without your loved one next to you in flesh and blood.

When the time is right for, seeing a medium can be very healing. A medium can help you reconnect with your loved one in spirit. You CAN learn to build a new, spiritual, relationship with your loved ones that are now on the “other side” of life.

Wing Tip #2

Sometimes we just can’t get past a “Thing”, it could be a fear, a chronic pain, a relationship or event that won’t resolve. You may find that what you are enduring has nothing to do with anything in your life. It’s a puzzle.

Maybe it’s time to look into a past life.

Exploring a past life in your Akashic records is an opportunity to reclaim healing and wisdom from our soul. We sometimes carry unfinished business from one lifetime into another. We are able to journey to past lives so that we may heal, and recover the understanding and talents we can’t seem to embrace in our current lives.

Wing Tip #3

Our loved ones in Spirit have so much healing love to offer to us. Messages from spirit can help us, even from those that were difficult relationships, which are the most healing and empowering.

There is only love on the other side. The best way to access that healing creative power of love is through forgiveness of people and events, even after the change called death.

Wing Tip #4

Our Soul speaks to us everyday, all day. Moment by moment we are filled energetically with a soul level pulse of divine energy through our Crown Chakra. (Through the top of our heads.)

What we choose to do with this energy is up to us. We can consciously funnel this energy for the highest good in our lives, or we can unconsciously funnel it to our thoughts, worries and fears. Whatever, wherever we funnel this energy pulse to, that is what will grow and flourish in our life.

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